Adinda Hertmans is a 22 year old singer based in Brussels, Belgium. She has both the Dutch and Belgian nationality.


In 2012 Adinda started taking singing lessons in Popacademix in Halle. After that, she continued studying music in the highschool education jazz/pop at Kunsthumaniora Brussel, where she graduated in 2019. In the same year, Adinda started studying in the Royal Conservatory of The Hague in Bachelor 1 and 2. After two years she decided to continue her studies in The Royal Conservatory of Brussels, where she’s currently studying in her first year of the Masters program.


Adinda is a full time student and performing musician, playing in jazz clubs, at private parties, weddings, hotels,…

She has her own quintet (Peter Hertmans on guitar, Jonas Paenen on piano, Louise van den Heuvel on bass and on drums Victor Khaddaj) and a duo project with piano player Jonas Paenen.


She recently released her first single 'Feel' which is now available on all platforms.